Your Golf Car (LSV)!

Unleash your car's potential with Navitas' AC Golf Car (LSV) Packages and Conversion Kits! Increase speed, get better mileage and enjoy an easy installation.

All at an affordable price!

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TAC2 AC Controller

Unleash your golf car's potential! Powerful and fully programmable, yet affordable. Navitas' TAC2 AC controller is the ultimate upgrade for your LSV.

TSX3.0 DC Controller

Our powerful, Separately Excited Intelligent Controller features a compact size, light weight, regenerative braking and contractor-less motor reversing.

Navitas Chassis Kit

Made from Steel or Aluminum, our customizable rolling frame gives you everything you'll need to build your dream cart.


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Manage all aspects of your golf car seamlessly with the Navitas Dashboard App. Using cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, enabling live telemetry and exclusive lockout features for unparalleled control and security.

  • Live Bluetooth® Telemetry
  • Bluetooth Lockout Enabled
  • Monitor "Live" Battery Status
  • Battery Watering Reminders
  • And more!

Available on iOS & Android, download the Navitas Dashboard App today and elevate your ride!