Rolling Chassis

Made from Steel or Aluminum, our customizable rolling frame gives you everything you'll need to build your dream cart.

The Navitas Chassis Kit is the easiest way to set up your own Car!

Everything You Need

Just add a battery, body and wheels! Our chassis kits come with everything else, plus our 600A, 5kW AC kit comes pre-installed!

Fully Customizable

Unparalleled chassis customization. Whether you want a standard car, lifted, 4WD, stretched, or a combination, our chassis delivers.

Quality Built

Every Navitas chassis is welded and coated for enhanced stability and corrosion resistance, while utilizing only top-of-the-line components to ensure unparalleled quality in every unit.

Soon in Aluminum

Want a car that won't rust, is lighter and comes with improved suspension? Our new, built in Canada, aluminum chassis is for you!

Looking for an affordable way to build a custom golf car? Our rolling chassis kit comes with everything you need to complete your project quickly and easily. Whether you're looking for a standard, lifted or stretched car, we have you covered!

All our chassis are equipped with our powerful 600 amp, 5kW AC conversion kit. Our frames are welded and coated, ensuring a long lasting durable life. Every component has been selected and designed with precision, ensuring that your build is seamless and your vehicle will be reliable for years to come.

Compatible with E-Z-GO body kits and accessories, this chassis is the coolest and easiest way to set up your own personalized build.

Navitas Rolling Chassis kit is the perfect match for your next golf car!


  • Welded & Coated Frame (corrosion resistant undercoated)
  • Front & Rear Suspension
  • Plastic dash, front & rear bumper
  • Aluminum foot step
  • Steering box, Rack & Column
  • Front Spindles & Axle
  • Transaxle with Rear Drum Brakes
  • Brake & Accelerator Pedal assembly with under frame guard
  • Galvanized Floor Board, Firewall & Floor Mats
  • Wiring Harness & Battery Cables
  • Forward, Reverse & Ignition Switch
  • Removable Battery box (6 x 8V)
  • Voltage reducer and Battery power meter
  • Compatible with E-Z-GO TXT body kits
  • All hardware included

Our chassis kits come with our Navitas TAC2 600A, 5kW AC conversion kits pre-installed. Pair it with the battery of your choice to experience the exhilarating speed and torque of our TAC2 system.

The Navitas TAC2 controller not only offers superior performance, but also greater efficiency, giving more miles per charge ensuring a high-performance solution for every user.

Learn about TAC2

Manage all aspects of your golf car seamlessly with the Navitas Dashboard App. Using cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, enabling live telemetry and exclusive lockout features for unparalleled control and security.

  • Live Bluetooth® Telemetry
  • Bluetooth Lockout Enabled
  • Monitor "Live" Battery Status
  • And more!

Available on iOS & Android, download the Navitas Dashboard App today and elevate your ride!

Get the Navitas Dashboard App

3" Round CAN display

Monitor all aspects of your vehicle with Navitas' 3" round CAN display. View your battery charge, range, speed and more!

10" Square CAN display

Monitor all aspects of your vehicle with our 10" CAN display. Quickly view your charge, range, speed and more!

Steering Wheel & Mounting Kit

Our ergonomic golf car steering wheel ensures comfortable and reliable navigation on every drive.