DC Controller
Navitas TSX3.0

Our powerful, Separately Excited Intelligent Controller features a compact size, light weight, regenerative braking and contractor-less motor reversing.

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Enhanced Control

TSX3.0 adds smooth reversing, regenerative braking and motor over-speed protection. Tweak and tune your settings with the Navitas Dashboard App.

Superior Safety

Regenerative braking that manages speed and recycles energy. Adjustable settings for precise braking and temperature control to prevent sudden power loss.


TSX3.0's small overall footprint installs quickly and easily - no need for cutting or modifying your car!


Low system cost and higher mileage per charge economic efficiencies for your customer.

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Our TSX3.0 controller for separately excited motors optimizing motor performance and allows smooth reversing, making your ride smooth and efficient.

With current and thermal limiting of armature and field sections, current limited contactor I/O, automotive quality Molex connectors, and rugged highly ingress resistant ABS case the TSX is fully protected.

TSX controllers are fully programmable with the Bluetooth App allowing control of virtually all settings including current limits, maximum speeds in both forward and reverse, and battery over-discharge protection.

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Navitas TSX3.0 Controllers are the perfect match for

  • Golf cars
  • Utility Vehicles UTV
  • Material Handling
  • Ground Support
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • 36 to 48 Volt with 50A Peak Field Current
  • 600A state of the art Mosfet technology
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Regenerative braking & Rollback protection
  • Contactor-less motor reversing
  • Separate armature and field current limits
  • Waterproof & Fully Sealed
  • Thermal & Under Voltage protection
  • Speed Limiting with speed sensor input
  • Plug & Play installation for major OEM golf cars
  • Compatible with Navitas On-The-Fly (OTF) programmer (optional)

Manage all aspects of your golf car seamlessly with the Navitas Dashboard App. Using cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, enabling live telemetry and exclusive lockout features for unparalleled control and security.

  • Live Bluetooth® Telemetry
  • Bluetooth Lockout Enabled
  • Monitor "Live" Battery Status
  • And more!

Available on iOS & Android, download the Navitas Dashboard App today and elevate your ride!

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Navitas OTF Programmer

Adjust your vehicle's settings on the fly! Navitas' OTF Programmer enables you to make changes to your vehicle’s driving characteristics while you’re driving it. Adjust speed, regen, acceleration and physically lock your settings in to prevent further changes.