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Navitas offers one and two year warranties from the original ship date. A full copy of the warranty policy can be downloaded using the following link: Navitas Standard Warranty Policy

Learn how to install the TAC2 controller into specific vehicles.

View the Navitas TAC2 Installation/Service Manual

Watch an installation video based on your vehicle type:

RXVRXV Danaher

Yamaha G29 DriveYamaha Drive 2


Club Car Precedent

Turn down the speed limit to use less energy.

When using the On-The-Fly Programmer, turning the speed limit down reconfigures the Controller and adjusts the motor so that it uses less energy to push the vehicle. This significantly reduces the current demand on the battery and leads to a noticeable increase in range.

Increase the amount of regenerative braking going down hills.

With the On-The-Fly Programmer, increasing the amount of regenerative braking will not only put energy back into your battery pack but it will also save wear and tear on your brakes.

Limit the acceleration of the vehicle.

Limit the acceleration of the vehicle to reduce the size of the current peaks drawn from the batteries. This also will lead to an increase in range.

Our On-The-Fly Programmer in our Controller dynamically changes the field map to operate your motor at an efficient point.

If you encounter a motor that we have not tested, the OTF can still be used to adjust the motor to operate within acceptable performance parameters. You can always call our Tech Support if you need detailed assistance.

Yes, OEM Controllers generally limit the top speed of the vehicle.

In some cases you will need to purchase a speed code to change it. With our OTF Programmer, you will not be required to purchase a speed code. You can adjust the speed of the vehicle to the maximum capabilities of your motor.

On-The-Fly Programmer function

It is used by Dealer to set up the vehicles according to the preferences of the customers.

The Dealer can adjust the Top Speed, Acceleration & Regenerative Braking rate of the vehicle. 

The OTF allows Operators to Personalize the Driving Experience by changing the Top Speed, Acceleration and Regenerative Braking of the vehicle in Real-Time while they are driving.

How do I use the Navitas App?

Download the App

  • Customer App is available on line through Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Dealer/Technician App is available by contacting Navitas at 1-844-576-2499.
  • Navitas will register your email and ask what operating system you are using on your phone (Android vs IOS).
  • Android users will receive an email from Navitas with access to the App on Beta Google Store.
  • IOS users will receive and email directly from TestFlight with a link to the App.
  • Download App onto phone.

Install the Controller and turn car to ON

  • TSX controller shows a Green Light, The TAC controller will blink once to show power connected.
  • Some car models will require you to turn ON the RUN/TOW switch and others will power ON with a key switch.
  • Open App and choose to connect to the TSX or TAC controller shown (will include the serial number so you can make sure you are connected to the serial number on the appropriate controller).
  • Each controller comes loaded with the appropriate software for your vehicle already installed and functional.
  • We sometimes provide diagnostic updates that can be downloaded into the controller if recommended by the engineering division of Navitas.

Car Setup

  • Go to top of “Settings Page” and verify settings listed. If any changes made, remember to choose “SAVE” at bottom of the page.

Data logging

  • On the bottom of Settings Page, there are radio buttons you can choose to log the performance of your car.
  • Choose the radio buttons and then hit “START DATALOG” button below.
  • This will show you real time graphing of the car’s performance. This information cannot be saved and only viewed with each drive.
  • You can stop and start the logging with the direction arrow at the top right of the page
  • You can choose the cloud icon to share with Navitas Engineering if asked to.

Get the help you need with your Navitas controller. Whether you want to download a manual, get help with installation, or have a question about our controllers, you can find the information in our support center.

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Our controllers are good to go and simple to set up straight out of the box. To help you in this setup, we've created guides and answered some of the most common questions about the app on our support pages.

To get help with installation, setup and common questions, please use the links below.

App GuidesApp FAQ

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