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On-The-Fly Programmer function

It is used by Dealer to set up the vehicles according to the preferences of the customers.

The Dealer can adjust the Top Speed, Acceleration & Regenerative Braking rate of the vehicle. 

The OTF allows Operators to Personalize the Driving Experience by changing the Top Speed, Acceleration and Regenerative Braking of the vehicle in Real-Time while they are driving.

End User

No, the Controller will operate fine with the default factory settings. Most of our Dealers will have an OTF Programmer to set up the car to your specifications. However, we feel that you will likely want to purchase an OTF for yourself. They are economical and they give you the ability to fully control your Driving Experience as conditions change.


If the customer is not happy with the default parameters a dealer will need to have access to an OTF Programmer.

OTF Advantages

  • With the OTF you can adjust the Driving Experience in Real-Time vs. the Off-Line Programming available with traditional Controllers
  • Other Controllers require Lap-top computers or dedicated devices which are expensive to buy and difficult to operate.
  • Programming other controllers is complicated and often requires a level of expertise that is not available at the Dealer level. Inappropriate parameter modifications can have severe unintended consequences including unexpected behavior and severe equipment damage.

When the OTF key is in the unlock position, the OTF will take priority over the settings entered on the settings menu of the app. If the OTF key is in the lock position, or the OTF is not connected, you can manually adjust these parameters through the dashboard app. As soon as the key is turned to unlock again, the settings will be overridden to the settings on the dials.

The OTF Programmer includes a Lock and Key

This allows the Dealer or Owner to lock in the setting so that the programmer becomes in-active and can even be physically removed from the vehicle without affecting the settings.

This is ideal for:

  • Rental Fleets where range needs to be maximized
  • Commercial /Industrial / Institutional settings where speed needs to be limited
  • Crowded environments where acceleration must be controlled

At Navitas Vehicle Systems, we manufacture and sell electric motor controller accessories. We offer a wide variety of accessory parts to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all of their electric vehicle needs.

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