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Have a question for our support team? We've compiled answers to our most common questions below. Take a look at our questions below, or view our support center for Manuals, Installation Guides and Wiring diagrams specific to your vehicle.

We reduce your inventory because you only need to purchase one Controller for 10 applications.

The Vehicle Modules can then be used to mate up the Controller to the OEM’s native wiring harness for plug and play installation. These modules are very economically priced. For example, using our system, a relatively small investment (one Controller and 10 modules) will cover 10 separate applications, whereas those same 10 applications would require 5 x the investment (10 controllers with Native OEM Connectors) in a competitor’s products.


If the voltage is less than 60V, just a special set of Parameters will be required. If the vehicle requires 64V or 72V, a hardware upgrade is needed. Call our Technical Support number for more information at 844-576-2499.

Wiring Adaptor Modules

Our Wiring Adaptor Modules are the interface to the specific OEM wiring harness. They also perform signal translation functions.

Native OEM Connector

A Native OEM Connector is hard-wired into the controller. For example, such a controller for a Yamaha application can only be used on that specific Yamaha model.

How to tell if the motor is a series or a separately excited motor (SEM)

Use at least two of these methods to determine the motor type. 

  1. Does the golf cart have a tow/run switch or run/maintenance switch
    • Yes then it is a SEM.
    • No then it is a series.
  2. Are there 2 smaller diameter (1/4-20 UNC) terminals and 2 larger diameter (5/16-18 UNC) terminals on the motor? Or are all 4 terminal studs the same size (5/16-18 UNC)?
    • Different sizes then SEM.
    • Same size then series.
  3. What do the motor Field Coil Windings Look like?
    • SEM have 'round wire' coils with smaller gauge wire w large amount of turns (60 to 200) per field coil.
    • Series have 'flat wire' coils w larger wire sizes. These coils much lower number of turns (5 to 15) per field coil.

Turn down the speed limit to use less energy.

When using the On-The-Fly Programmer, turning the speed limit down reconfigures the Controller and adjusts the motor so that it uses less energy to push the vehicle. This significantly reduces the current demand on the battery and leads to a noticeable increase in range.

Increase the amount of regenerative braking going down hills.

With the On-The-Fly Programmer, increasing the amount of regenerative braking will not only put energy back into your battery pack but it will also save wear and tear on your brakes.

Limit the acceleration of the vehicle.

Limit the acceleration of the vehicle to reduce the size of the current peaks drawn from the batteries. This also will lead to an increase in range.

See our guide below to calibrate the throttle on a TSX3.0

TSX Throttle Calibration

"It says I'm in reverse when I'm in forward or vice versa."

How to fix a direction switch that is backwards

  • There are three wires in the direction switch. Switch the forward and the reverse wires.
  • Trial and error. Switch the wires until the vehicle reverses when you reverse and vice versa.

"The direction switch doesn't turn on or vice versa."

How to diagnose if the direction switch is broken

  • Short out the common pin with the pack voltage to reverse or forward to test if it turns on.
  • If it turns on, the switch wasn't working.
  • Replace the direction switch

First diagnose if the foot switch is broken on or broken off to rule out other causes.

How to tell if the foot switch is broken on

  • Step on foot switch and turn on the golf cart
  • If the app says "waiting for throttle to be released", then the foot switch is broken on
  • Go to the diagnostics tab in the app
  • Unplug the foot switch If the app says the foot switch goes from on to off, then the foot switch is broken on
  • Replace the foot switch

How to tell if the foot switch is broken off

  • Step on foot switch and turn on the golf cart
  • If the app says "waiting for the foot switch" and the diagnostic screen says "foot switch off", then the foot switch is broken off
  • Unplug the foot switch
  • Connect the two wires on the harness end using a wire short circuit If the app says "foot switch on", the foot switch is broken off
  • Replace the foot switch

How to diagnose if the key switch is broken

  • There are two wires in the key switch, pull any wire off the key switch
  • Turn on the key switch, if the key switch turns off then the key switch is the problem
  • Replace the key switch

At Navitas Vehicle Systems, we manufacture and sell electric motor controller accessories. We offer a wide variety of accessory parts to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all of their electric vehicle needs.

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